Tested & demonstrated to be MR Conditional for magnetic filed interactions at 3.0 TESLA with highest spaial gradienl filed of 710 gauss / cm or less.
Special metallic handle & non magnetic steel blades are developed and approved for MRI suite.
Distinctly identifiale – reduces risk of incompatible instruments getting into MRI suites.

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Quality : Reusable / Sterilezable

Order REFBlade sizeTotal Length (A)Proxy Height (B)Distal Width
SM-32400Miller 0067mm12mm11.50mm
SM-3240Miller 076mm12mm11.50mm
SM-3241Miller 1100mm12mm11.50mm
SM-3242Miller 2148mm13.5mm13mm
SM-3243Miller 3189mm13.5mm13mm
SM-3244Miller 4207mm13.5mm13mm


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