Laryngoscope – An Overview

Laryngoscopes is a medical instrument used to obtain a view of the vocal folds and the glottis, Which is the space between the vocal cords. The first laryngoscope was invented in 1854 by Manuel Patricio Rodriguez Garcia. Modern day laryngoscopes systems began in early 1940s by Foregger Co: USA. A Laryngoscope basically has two components – a blade with an interchangeable hook and a handle containing batteries needed for illumination.  The Blade is hooked on to the handle’s hinge pin, and then rotated at a 90º position where the blade heel contacts the handle’s electrical contacts – turning the light ON.

 Conventional Light Laryngoscopes

Blades have a lamp near the distal end  and have an electrical connection  to illuminate  the lamp , powered by the batteries  in  the handle.

Fibre Optic Light Laryngoscopes

Advancd in newer lighting technologies eliminated electric wires,lamps & some contacts from blade thus producing a very dependable cold and brighter illumination.

Our Fibre Optic handles are fitted with latest LED lamps that produce excellent illumination, which follows quartz glass fiber optic bundle or plastic light guide along the blade to illuminate patient’s oral cavity.

 Curved(Macintosh) Blades

The most common and popular blade suggested by sir Robert Macintosh, MD in 1941, this curved blade is designed such that its tip is advanced to the base of patient’s epiglottis thereby lifting the vocal cords can be visualized,allowing for endotracheal tube insertion

Straight(Miller) Blades

The other most common blade was described by William Miller, MD In this design using a straight blade the tip is advanced just past the patient’s epiglottis .The blade is then raised lifting the epiglottis thus exposing the vocal cords allowing the endotracheal tube to be inserted along the flange into larynx.

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